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Things are changing to much. Tonights game was a giveaway. I personally think it has to do with the coaching. I miss babcock. Its driving me crazy with all the things we threw away. Then at the last part leaving the net wide open. We just werent aggressive the last 2 periods. I am so upset that the ducks are now owned by other people. They even confirmed possible changing the name. The mighty ducks are the MIGHTY DUCKS!!! not something else. Then the new coach has an amazing team to work with. We really have some allstar A number one players and he's just not setting up the kind of game they need to play. If this loss doesnt teach them that they need a new kind of game. I will admite we kept getting robbed with all those PP and calls on the team. Ref's seemed biased. They didnt call alot of penalties i saw the Oilers pull on us. Just this whole game and the situation the ducks are in with all this new blood and changes has left me so stressed out.
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