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Good game! (sarcastic)

So i got a rare chance to watch a ducks game on tv (living in Canada, they aren't often televised), when they played Edmonton on the eve of the 25.

Just a quick statement... they call it "professional sports" because you are just that: profesionals. At least thats what you should be, after all the players are paid enough money to act professional. Now im not trying to rag ont eh team here, and i know i know i dont play hockey i dont know what its like but come on guys. We are talking a game in which you could have closed the gap for last playoff spot and you blew it!

The penalty situation in the third was absolutely pitiful, vishnevski took a dumb penalty, and on top of that fedoruk and moen were both out! now we're down three men. pretty bad eh? it got much worse a la jiggy. jiggy took two penalties in a row, the ducks for down two men for god knows how long before i knew it it was SIX TO THREE FOR EDMONTON in a third period that anaheim began witha one goal lead.

Jiggy and vishnevski (jiggy mostly) lost their composure. I know smyth was getting in his face, but he does that everywhere. MAybe something else happened to trigger it, and i'd like to think so because i have a lot of respect for jiggy (note, i didn't lose any tonight). i just hope that this kind of crap doesnt happen again and i hope there isnt something sour going on between jiggy and carlyle after that little mix up.

All i can say is keep this up and kiss teh playoffs good bye boys. and what happened to the ducks that beat ottawa 4-3?
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